Sunday, March 22, 2009

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Rihanna, Chris Brown subjects of video on dating violence
Rihanna, left, and Chris Brown are seen at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday June 1, 2008, in Los Angeles. (Matt Sayles/Associated Press) A new video aimed at ...

People: Fred Durst still whining about his love for Britney Spears
ONLINE PSA RE-CREATIVES ALLEGED BROWN/RIHANNA ASSAULT: A two-minute video posted by the teen-oriented anti-date-abuse group re-creates Chris ...

New Chris Brown/ Rihanna Duet Confirmed
It was crazy, because Jerry Bruckheimer's dream was to have a song from Rihanna (for the movie), and I delivered Rihanna and Chris Brown in 24 hours. ...

News Ticker: Chris Brown & TI, Lil Wayne, “The Sing Off” and Kelly ...
... Chris Brown would be “erased” from the promotion of Takers (formerly Bone Deep), co-star TI says the beleaguered R&B star will still appear in ads, MTV ...

TI Says Chris Brown Won't Be Removed From 'Takers' Marketing Campaign
During production of the movie last September, MTV News visited the set, where Rihanna was visiting Brown. Although the two have reportedly rekindled their ...

Chris Brown and Rihanna Reportedly Split
A top story from this week. it seems that celebrity couple Chris Brown and Rihanna are taking some time out to review their relationship.

Alleged Chris Brown/ Rihanna Altercation Re-Enacted In Disturbing PSA
Chris Brown and Rihanna's alleged altercation has been re-enacted for a public service announcement by the teen organization

Rihanna, Chris Brown subjects of video on dating violence
A new video aimed at spreading the word about dating and domestic violence has been inspired by U.S. entertainer Chris Brown's alleged assault of his pop-singer girlfriend, Rihanna.

NAMES & FACES: Rihanna, Chris Brown apart
Troubled couple Rihanna and Chris Brown are actually "taking a break" from each other and hanging out on separate coasts, according to the latest anonymously sourced scuttlebutt on E! Online.

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